F – Secure Anti-Virus – A free Virus protecting software

Downloading the suitable antivirus software program is always hard choice, particularly if don’t have experience with any brand. Today we review some important features to look for when coming up with a good selection in antivirus solutions.

F-Secure Anti-Virus is one of the best anti-virus software programs ever developed. It was the first anti-virus merchant to launch a presence on the World Wide Web. The latest version of F-Secure is integrated with advanced protection technology and additional security features.

This anti-virus software protects users from viruses, threats and other malicious malware that spreads through email, cookies, downloads and even files transferred from one PC to another.

A certificate was issued to F-Secure giving them an appreciation when it comes to performance. F-Secure is the only anti-virus software that won an Advanced A+ rating from AV Comparatives. Using this anti-virus software guarantees its users a forthright scanning session. It automatically removes other anti-virus software installed in your PC.

This anti-virus software is easy to navigate. It makes specific scheduled time scanning and settings adjustments. The all new features of this anti-virus software is its ability to access the essential parts of your PC and remarkably strikes infected files.

Users don’t need to manually monitor its scanning because it automatically updates and performs its tasks once it is online. It features an easy-to-understand icon guiding the users and helping them check its status.

F- Secure antivirus practices a heuristic and a proactive protection against any threats that go undetected by the current anti-virus signature software. All files opened and accessed by your PC are free from harmful viruses and threats once F-Secure is installed.

Configuration is also easy with F-Secure. It automatically cleans and checks files and quarantines it when infections are detected. Quarantines are said to be the keepers of anti-virus agents. The quarantine is a feature of anti-virus software designed to potentially keep viruses and threat to avoid damage in your PCs.

Product Lines

The current line of F-Secure includes:

  • F-Secure Internet Security
  • F-Secure Anti-Virus
  • F-Secure Mobile Security, and a lot more

It includes business products such as Protection Service, Business Suites, Client Security and more.

The latest version of F-Secure Anti-Virus software is now thoroughly tested to remove fixes and bugs during its launching in the internet.

Let us take a deeper understanding on the latest features of F-Secure anti-virus. It has a number of useful resources available online through its technical support team. Numerous knowledge-based articles are posted online to inform users of the latest updates and trends in this wonderful anti-virus software. Try using it and see the difference.